Anonymous asked: You're like a fizzy family veteran! I love you!

Haha I guess I am yea! And thank you I love you too!xx :)

Anonymous asked: i want Damon to shove a brick up me ass



I took some pictures and filmed some videos with some amazing youtubers! 


found this on instagram. But I love it, so. xD 


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I met Damon Fizzy at Warped Tour 2014 in Scranton. I have wanted to meet him for awhile now because he helps me with my anxiety and just makes me smile. I was waiting in line while people were meeting Bryan and Johnnie, and when they left my friend and I waited 15 minutes or more to meet Damon. I had made a bracelet the day before to give to him, and also wrote him a note expressing how amazing he was and that he was my hero. While standing in line I was shaking and crying because I was so nervous and excited. It was my turn and my friend had to push me because I was so nervous to go up to him. I gave him the bracelet and note and Damon was super appreciative, and we hugged, took a picture, and I hugged him goodbye and said thank you probably 5 times. It was so surreal seeing him in person. It was the highlight of Warped Tour for me, and probably the rest of my life.