New bracelet to remind myself to stay strong


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The morning I got to Warped (Mountain View, ca) Damon’s meet up was at 3. I along with at least 20 other people did not know this. While buying a bracelet at the youtuber tent all of us literally flipped and ran to line because Damon walked in. A second later he came over to tell us we were 4 hours early. Probably the funniest part of my day. So I left to go check out other merch. While I was at the WATIC tent he was waking buy and being the obnoxious person I am I asked for a picture. He was so nice about it and it is so cool to be able to say I’ve met someone I look up to so much!


i was looking through my twitter & i found this from when i met damon two years ago at warped 😭♡ deefizzy


I honestly still feel like this is fake..I never thought meeting the person who has made me confident would ever happen. August 16th 2014 I went to vloggerfair in Seattle Washington and met Damon fizzy ❤ I saw him get out of his car while I was in line and I started shaking. I had no idea he was even gonna be there. My friend convinced me to go up to him and ask for a picture so I did and he was so sweet he hugged me and we took a picture. Then when vloggerfair started we talked 4-5 more times and it was more than I ever thought I would get with someone who means the world to me. After meeting damon I can honestly say he is the nicest person I have met and he genuinely cares about us so much …and Damon if you see this thank you for everything. I love you so much.

deefizzy deefizzy