So I made an edit for the first time in forever


Awe I wanna buy one of those “your flaws don’t define you” shirts but I can’t til his store is back up and he’s back from warped bc my warped date already passed ahhh, the struggle is real.


this is very very important


After a four year journey of trying to meet Damon Fizzy, I did! Thank you so much for your time and I’m sorry for my words not working whoops


petty awesome day today at warped tour! got to see lots of good bands and also meet John O’Callaghan and @damonfizzy !good day good day 😄


I met the amazing DamonFizzy yesterday!!! I was so nervous I mixed my words up and made a fool out of myself. But after 4 years of trying, I finally met this majestic human being!! ❤️


Yesterday at Warped, I met Damon Fizzy (deefizzy) and he and Front Porch Step signed my shirt!! Ahhhh!